With workeen, employee scheduling becomes a simple and straightforward process. Get it ready in a few clicks.

Employee Assignment

The system offers two methods for employee assignment: manual and automatic. In both scenarios, the system computes a score for each assignment and an overall schedule score, and identifies potential conflicts. For more details, visit the Constraints and scores and the Types of warning marks sections.

1. Manual Employee Assignment

To manually assign an employee to a shift, use one of the following methods to open the Edit Shift form:

  • Double-click on the shift
  • Single-click on the shift to trigger a quick view. Within the quick view, click on the edit icon.

In the Edit Shift form, select the employee in the Employee field and click Save.

Alternatively, you can assign an employee when initially creating a shift by choosing the employee in the Employee field.

2. Automatic Employee Assignment

In this scenario, shifts are assigned to employees using the Artificial Intelligence solver. Click the “Schedule” button to initiate the process.

Read more about Auto-scheduling in the Auto-scheduling section.

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