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Overall Schedule Score and Shift Score

Overall Schedule Score

In the status panel, you can access the overall schedule score, which is categorized by constraint level (Hard/Soft/Unassigned shifts). For specific information about the scores related to each type of constraint, just click on the “i” icon.

The overall schedule score considers a time period starting from 1 month prior to the current date, encompassing all future shifts within the draft area. This means that if there were conflicts in shifts from the previous month, they will continue to impact the overall score until they fall outside of this 1-month history window.

Shift Score

Each shift in the schedule is assigned a score. The sum of all the scores of shifts in the schedule forms the overall schedule score.

To check the score of a specific shift, click on it to open the Quick view. In the quick view, you can find the shift score, referred to as the “Shift Score,” along with a breakdown of any violations or fulfillments associated with that shift.

Additionally, the border color of each shift changes according to its score, and a warning mark may also appear to draw attention to potential issues or rewards.

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