With workeen, employee scheduling becomes a simple and straightforward process. Get it ready in a few clicks.

Types of Availability/Preferences

By default, all employees are initially designated as available throughout the entire day, with no specified preferences.

Within the system, you have the flexibility to define the following:

  • Unavailable: Indicates that employees cannot work and have time off during these periods.
  • Desired: Signifies that employees prefer to work during these time slots.
  • Undesired: Denotes time slots when employees would rather not work.

Availability/preferences may apply to the entire day or specific hours. In the case of specific hours, multiple availability/preference entries may exist for a single day.

Scheduling Impact:

When an employee is marked as “unavailable,” the system will prevent them from being scheduled for a shift during that period. Preferences, on the other hand, are taken into account, but there is no guarantee that assignments will align with those preferences.


Availability/preferences are color-coded in the grid as follows:

  • Red: Unavailable
  • Blank: Available
  • Green: Desired
  • Yellow: Undesired
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