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Today’s Snapshot

This section of the Overview page provides key statistics for the day in numerical form:

  • Today’s Shifts: The total number of division shifts scheduled for today.
  • Unassigned Shifts: Unpublished shifts created for today that remain unassigned.
  • Unpublished Staffing Changes: These include all shifts with assignment-related changes to be published to employees.

For a published day, staffing changes may include the reassignment of shifts, the removal of employees from a shift without a new assignment, or the assignment to newly created shifts.

*If today falls within the unpublished period, this section will show the number of shifts with assigned employees.

  • Today’s Working Employees: The count of employees scheduled to work today. Note that these are the original employees who have received the schedule.
  • Today’s Unavailability: The number of availabilities for today, including full-day and partial unavailability.
  • Expiring Skills: The number of skills set to expire within the next 30 days.

This section highlights skills that require your attention and communication with employees. Once a skill expires, the system will no longer consider it. Detailed information for each case will be available in notifications.

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